Are PDO Thread Lifts Effective for Neck Rejuvenation?

By: Dr. Dimara Vega


Many people turn to cosmetic surgery for issues like sagging or loose skin. However, not everyone is interested in undergoing an extensive procedure. Now, there's a minimally invasive way to tighten and lift the skin in the neck — PDO thread lifts. But are they really effective for neck rejuvenation?

Below, Dr. Dimara Vega describes how PDO threads work, the expected results, and how this treatment compares to traditional surgery. Call BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness to book a consultation in Brandon, FL, and learn more.

Is your neck revealing your age?

The neck is a delicate area, and, unfortunately, it's one of the first places to show signs of aging. Factors like genetics, sun exposure, and smoking contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping the tissue firm and smooth. As a result, we develop visible wrinkles, creases, and looseness around the chin and jawline. These changes can make a person appear older and more tired than they actually are.

Why plastic surgery may not be the best option

Traditional neck lift surgery involves making incisions, removing extra skin, and tightening the remaining tissue. While effective, this procedure also comes with unwanted risks like scarring and a lengthy recovery period. Plus, not everyone's a candidate for surgery because of certain medical issues. A PDO thread lift can provide similar results without the risks or downtime.

What are PDO threads, and how do they work?

PDO (polydioxanone) threads are thin, dissolvable threads made from a biocompatible (safe for the body) material. They are inserted through tiny incisions and then used to lift and tighten loose skin around the face and neck. Over time, the threads encourage natural collagen and elastin production, which further improves skin texture and elasticity. The threads eventually dissolve and leave behind a more refreshed look.

Do PDO threads really provide visible neck rejuvenation?

Our patients report noticeable improvements after a PDO thread lift at BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness in Brandon, FL. Their results include tighter, smoother skin and a more defined jawline. Of course, it's important to note that individual outcomes vary based on factors like skin type and age. It's best to discuss your expectations with a qualified professional like Dr. Vega before undergoing treatment.

How long do PDO threads last?

On average, patients can expect PDO thread lift to last between 12 – 18 months. Our bodies will continue to age and produce less collagen and elastin, so touch-up treatments may be necessary to maintain these outcomes. Dr. Vega can provide a specific timeline for your unique situation and make recommendations about how to keep your skin looking and feeling great in the long-term.

Are there any risks or side effects?

PDO thread lifts are a safe and low-risk procedure when performed by a trained professional like Dr. Vega. However, some patients experience mild bruising or discomfort at the injection sites. These are normal and typically resolve within a few days. As with any treatment, it's important to review your medical history and any potential concerns with our team.

Refresh and rejuvenate your neck

There's no need to continue feeling self-conscious about wrinkles and loose skin. PDO thread lifts can rejuvenate and tighten the neck without plastic surgery. Call BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness in Brandon, FL to book an assessment with Dr. Dimara Vega and learn about our neck rejuvenation treatment. We're committed to helping you feel confident in your own skin.

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