How Long Will It Take for Swelling to Subside After Liposuction?

By: Dr. Dimara Vega


If you're considering a liposuction procedure, you may have wondered, "How long is recovery from liposuction, specifically VASER® liposuction?" It's a common concern, and the BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness team in Brandon, FL, led by Dr. Dimara Vega, has answers. VASER liposuction is an innovative procedure, and like any medical treatment, knowing what to expect afterward is vital. Below, we will look at the liposuction swelling timeline and what VASER liposuction recovery entails.

What is VASER liposuction?

VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells, making removing them from the body easier. Unlike traditional liposuction methods, VASER offers a more gentle approach, often resulting in less swelling after liposuction. This technique focuses on precision, contouring, and sculpting, providing a smoother post-operative experience.

Swelling after liposuction: What to expect

It's normal to have concerns about swelling after liposuction, especially regarding the VASER liposuction recovery process. Swelling is a natural reaction to the trauma that the tissues undergo during the procedure. Usually, it peaks within the first 48 – 72 hours and then begins to subside gradually. Applying cold compresses and wearing a compression garment can help manage and reduce swelling.

Liposuction swelling timeline: A guided journey

The liposuction swelling timeline varies from person to person, depending on factors like individual healing capacities, the extent of the procedure, and adherence to post-operative care instructions. For VASER liposuction, the most significant swelling typically subsides within the first few days. Full resolution of swelling might take around six weeks. Regular follow-up appointments with your medical team will keep your recovery on track.

Find out about better liposuction recovery in Brandon, FL

If you're considering a body contouring procedure and want to understand how long it takes for swelling to subside after VASER liposuction, look no further than BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness in Brandon, FL. Dr. Dimara Vega and her skilled team offer excellent care, ensuring your VASER liposuction recovery is as smooth as possible. Isn't it time to take the next step in your journey toward a more sculpted you? Schedule a consultation today and discover the difference our team can make for a more striking figure.

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