What Is Recovery Like After PDO Threads?

By: Dr. Dimara Vega


Do you want to lift and contour your face without invasive plastic surgery? A VIOLA PDO thread lift at BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads to lift and tighten sagging skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. But what is recovery like after undergoing this innovative treatment?

In this guide, Dr. Dimara Vega discusses what you can expect during recovery and tips for managing discomfort or side effects. Call our Brandon, FL, office to book a consultation and learn more about the benefits of a VIOLA PDO thread lift.

What is involved in a PDO thread lift?

Before we dive into recovery, let's briefly discuss the procedure itself. PDO threads are made from polydioxanone, a biodegradable and safe material that has been used for sutures in various medical practices for decades. The threads are inserted under the skin in strategic locations, using a very thin needle. Once in place, the threads tighten and lift the tissue.

Dr. Vega uses a local numbing agent to ensure that the process is comfortable and relatively painless. Facial contouring can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of threads required. As the threads dissolve over time (about 12 – 18 months), they stimulate collagen production, ensuring that your results are not only noticeable but long-lasting.

What is recovery like after a PDO lift?

One of the biggest benefits of a VIOLA PDO thread lift is that there is minimal downtime and recovery. Most people resume normal day-to-day activities afterward, although some mild swelling and bruising may be present. Results show after about one week and continue to improve over the next year.

You may experience some discomfort or tightness in the treated area, but this can be managed with drugstore pain relievers. Dr. Vega recommends avoiding strenuous activities and excessive facial movements for a short period to allow the threads to settle into place. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled in Brandon, FL, to monitor your progress and ensure proper healing.

Quick tips for a smooth recovery after facial contouring

To get the best results possible from your VIOLA PDO thread lift, we recommend following these tips:

  • Keep your face clean: Gently cleanse your skin using a mild, alcohol-free cleanser. Do not scrub or rub the treated areas.
  • Stay out of the sun: UV exposure can cause inflammation and prolong healing. Use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your face and neck, and avoid direct sunlight when possible.
  • Elevate your head when sleeping: This can help reduce swelling and discomfort. Use an extra pillow or two to prop up your head.
  • If you experience any severe or unexpected side effects, do not hesitate to contact our office and meet with Dr. Vega.

Final thoughts about our VIOLA PDO thread lift

PDO threads are a safe and effective method for rejuvenating your face without major surgery. Recovery is typically quick and manageable.

At BeyondBela Aesthetics & Wellness in Brandon, FL, Dr. Dimara Vega and her team are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired facial contouring results through minimally invasive solutions. You can enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking outcomes with proper care and a commitment to following our aftercare guidelines. Call now to book your VIOLA PDO thread lift consultation and begin your journey today.

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